Port of Dover

DFDS Update - Abnormal Load Embargo: Fri 16th Sept - Sat 17th Sept

We have been advised by Port Authorities in Dover that as part of the current resurfacing works along Homeward Way (as you exit the Ferry Terminal), there is an area opposite the Abnormal Load barriers which will be resurfaced on Friday 16th - Saturday 17th September, during these works the Abnormal Load route via the double barriers will be closed, and therefore an embargo has been placed on all inbound Abnormal Load shipments (from France) on Friday 16th September from 07:00 hrs up to and including Saturday 17th September at 07:00 hrs BST, the embargo will be lifted as soon as works are completed.

Regrettably, during the above-mentioned timeframe we are unable to accept abnormal load shipments from Calais / Dunkerque.

Whilst this situation is out of our control, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to you and your business.

As an alternative option, our Calais-Sheerness service may be able to accommodate such shipments.


12 September 2022

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