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DFDS Update : Cuxhaven ⇄ Immingham - Securing Cargo

It is that time of the year again, where we face challenges with rough weather conditions on our shipping services. We would like to take this opportunity to respectfully remind our clients of some important requirements for safe transport of freight units whilst at sea, and we kindly ask you to review your routines for loading and securing.

DFDS will arrange spot checks in trailers prior to shipping, and units with insufficiently secured cargo will be put on hold pending further attention.

The “Quick Lashing Guide Informative Material 5 of the IMO Circular 1498” provides you with relevant information. Guide can be accessed by visiting below link. Scroll down on the page and click on Informative Material (EN), then study pages 65 to 119.

Quick Lashing Guide

Please also be advised that all freight units need to be fitted with sufficient / suitable lashing points to allow the unit to be adequately secured to the vessel during sea voyage. These requirements are in accordance with existing regulations, and codes of practice. We have also noted trailers arriving to our terminals with open canopies. During sea transport in rough weather, this can result in damages to both trailer, and the cargo inside. When dropping off trailers in our terminals, please instruct drivers to always check canopy, spanners and tension rods. We trust you understand our continued concerns, and we welcome your actions in assisting DFDS to prevent potential damage to cargo, unit and vessel.

You may also please read our “Green Card” which is available on the DFDS web page, or via below link.

Green Card


22 October 2021

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