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DFDS Update : Felixstowe / Immingham - Rotterdam Quarantine Declaration Form

Please be advised that with effect from 00:01 15/06/2021 the Dutch Govt requires all drivers travelling from UK to NL to complete a Quarantine Declaration, even though they are exempt from the Quarantine Rule itself. The form will need to be completed prior to arrival in NL.

The driver is required to present the completed form to vessel staff upon boarding the vessel in the UK Port of loading. The vessel crew will collect all completed forms and hand these over in Vlaardingen to the terminal security staff, who will in turn hand over to the Dutch authorities.

To ensure your driver is not delayed unnecessarily it is important that you ensure your driver completes the necessary form before boarding the vessel in the UK. Failure to present a completed form on embarkation will result in the non-shipment of your driver.

It is anticipated that by the 01/07/2021 there will be a government website available, where drivers can fill-out the Quarantine Declaration Form online.


14 June 2021

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