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Eurotunnel Freight : Declaring Dangerous Goods

Please ensure that you are fully aware of Eurotunnel Freight's dangerous goods declarations procedures when arriving at the Folkestone and Calais terminals.

Limited Quantities (LQ) do not need to be declared when traveling on a Eurotunnel Freight service. However if your driver decides to do so, a full ADR declaration will need to be presented at the relevant Eurotunnel Freight Driver Centre.

Drivers should ensure that they only hand in the relevant dangerous goods declaration and no other paperwork (ie. invoices, packing lists, etc.) which may cause confusion.

The full declaration should include the following information:

  • UN number
  • Current ADR reference (Class, Packing Group & Classification code, if required)
  • Proper Shipping Name of Goods carried (including their volume of weight)
  • Details of packaging (number and description)
  • Quantity

Once confirmed, your declaration is valid in Eurotunnel Freight's systems for 96 hours and can be amended as many times as you like before travel.

We would like to remind you that if your vehicle travels with Eurotunnel Freight within this period without dangerous goods, it will still be referred automatically to the Eurotunnel Freight Driver Centre as the information is still logged in their systems.

If you have any questions, please refer to our Booking Dangerous Goods guide or contact our customer service team.

07 February 2018

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