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Eurotunnel Freight Update : GVMS update - Contingency Plan extended until 11/04/2022 midday

Due to the issues that HMRC continue to face with GVMS at all locations across the UK, current continuity plans allowing vehicles to travel without a GMR will continue until 12:00 UKT Monday 11th April.

Please be ready to provide alternative proof of customs declarations until this time. This includes (non-exhaustive but must be proof of UK customs declarations)

  • Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) (If unable to create a TAD, then photocopies or digital copies of copy 4 of the SAD should be carried)
  • Movement Reference Number (MRN)
  • Entry Reference Number (ERN)
  • Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR)
  • Postal Operators moving goods between GB and the EU will not be able to provide MRNs so alternative documentation can be accepted. Similarly, confirmation that consignments which qualify for the waiver that applies to parcels moving from GB into NI can also be accepted
  • Hauliers with empty vehicles can provide their GB EORI number

During this downtime, drivers do not need to attend an Inland Border Facility, unless they are instructed by a customs officer, or if they are moving goods that are:

  • going to an office of departure or office of destination (starting or ending a transit movement);
  • covered by an ATA Carnet; or
  • need a CITES permit.

During the downtime, it has not been possible for declarations to be ‘arrived’ automatically in CHIEF or CDS via GVMS. You should therefore ensure that your traders update CHIEF for any shipments into the UK since 30th March. Further communications on how to do this will be provided shortly.

We will continue to work with HMRC to ensure that full GVMS service is restored as quickly as possible and will provide updates on when you will be able to create a GMR for the service restart.

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07 April 2022

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