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Eurotunnel Freight Update - helping you with update on surcharge during this summer

We are aware that energy prices which remain high, ultimately triggered by the conflict in Ukraine, are a heavy burden for all of us. As your partner we would like to comment on a question that is often put to us:

As we informed you at the end of last year, the Group concluded long-term agreements on the purchase of electricity used to operate our passenger and freight shuttles. This way of purchasing has protected us - and you - from the “brunt” of the massive increase in energy prices last year, our intention was to create a stable, fixed costs that offered all a sense of confidence rather than the potential for massive fluctuations and constant surcharge changes as we have all witnessed via our competitors in recent years via the introduction of MARPOL and BAF.

The purchases we made last year to prepare for this year reflected the predicted forward market conditions based on assumptions made at that time. The agreements made in late 2022 do not offer us the possibility to benefit from the currently decreasing tariffs seen on the spot market. We are, however, confident that this procurement decision provides clearer visibility and stability that will ultimately protect you as a customer and our company from what can be extreme price fluctuations.

The current Electricity Value Adjustment (EVA) that we have communicated will therefore continue unchanged in the coming months.

We of course also understand the immense pressure you and we all are in within the actual global downturn of the economy, may it be on the Continent or in the UK.

So to help you through the summer, we have decided as of 10th July and until 30th September 2023 to temporarily suspend the peak day surcharge of 12 EUR/10 GBP per crossing.

Please find the new peak days calendar.

We hope that this significant investment from LeShuttle Freight confirms our ongoing commitment to you and the sectors you represent, whilst we continue to commit to offer the fastest and greenest service on the Short Straits.

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06 July 2023

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