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Eurotunnel Freight Update - No GMR = No Crossing

We remind you that Eurotunnel has an obligation to collect the documents required by the French and British authorities before travel, including GMRs.

Over the last 3 months, some of your vehicles may have been rejected at the Pit stop in France or in the UK as your drivers did not have a GMR. As a result, your trucks have had to be exited from our terminal and rejoin the queue once they were able to present their GMR.

Could you please therefore ensure that your drivers check that they have all the relevant documents required to travel before arriving on our terminals?

If this is not the case, we strongly recommend for your drivers to wait in a nearby truck park in Folkestone or at Le Truck Village in Calais.

Please note that this process also applies to vehicles presenting with an invalid GMR.

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26 January 2023

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