Eurotunnel Freight Customs Status

Eurotunnel Update : Customs Status Now Available On-Board the Club-Cars

In line with the introduction of new requirements at the UK border when travelling from EU to GB from 1st January 2022, we are pleased to inform you that we have enhanced our on-board systems to respond to these needs and provide the best customer experience for your drivers.

Your drivers will therefore be able to view their customs status on the Club Cars screens where the relevant information, linked to the vehicle registration number will be displayed.

This information will be visible approximately 20 minutes after the shuttle departs so drivers will conveniently know their status on arrival.

From Calais to Folkestone

Drivers will soon find out whether they can continue their journey on the M20 or if they are directed to the nearest Inland Border Facility in Sevington, situated just off junction 10 of the M20.

From Folkestone to Calais

For the comfort of your drivers, we have also taken this opportunity to provide the customs status to drivers when travelling from the UK to France. This is in addition to the information currently displayed on the digital panels on the exit road of the French terminal which continues to prevail as reference information in case of discrepancy.

Drivers can therefore already check the on-board screens whether they are green routed to the A16 or directed to the Centre Douane SIVEP (CDS) on arrival in France.

Please ensure that your drivers are fully aware of this information before travelling with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight as we are always striving to make your drivers' journeys as smooth as possible.

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