Eurotunnel VP service

Eurotunnel Vans on Passenger (VP) Service Now Available

Avoid the peak freight traffic times with the NEW Eurotunnel VP service for vans with Freightlink.

Eurotunnel Vans on Passenger (VP) service lets van drivers travel in the comfort of their own vehicle on the passenger trains. You can book to a specific time slot, and travel via the dedicated VP lanes missing the peak Freight traffic allowing you to meet those timed deliveries.

Benefits of Eurotunnel VP

  • Cross the channel in just 35 minutes
  • Direct access to Eurotunnel Passenger terminals, check-ins and shuttles
  • Travel comfortably in your vehicle during the crossing
  • Booked service with reserved space
  • Booking valid for one van and up to nine passengers
  • 2 to 5 departures every hour during the day time
  • Vans with trailers accepted (additional charges apply)
  • Children under 12 accepted

Eurotunnel Freight & VP Comparison

Eurotunnel Freight & VP comparison

Book on the Eurotunnel VP Service

Important Information

  • Your van must be less than 2.55m wide, 3.6m high and less than 3.5 tonnes in total weight to use the Eurotunnel VP service
  • Eurotunnel VP bookings are non-refundable; however, you can amend your booking prior to your booked departure time
  • Check in with your booking reference
  • If you are carrying hazardous cargo, vans can still travel on the Freight service with an ‘Open Ticket’ booking allowing you to travel on the next available crossing after you arrive in Folkestone or Calais
  • LPG vehicles are prohibited on both Freight and VP services
  • Eurotunnel Freight tickets are refundable (subject to Freightlink Terms and Conditions) but do have the Peak Crossing Surcharge applied where applicable

Any questions about the NEW Eurotunnel VP service? Speak to our customer service team.

01 March 2017

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