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Finnlines Update - Coronavirus (COVID-19) preparedness in Finnlines traffic

UPDATE 30/03/2020 12.32

As the authorities set new restrictions trying to curb the spreading of the corona virus, our processes are modified to comply.

The stevedoring company Lübecker Hafengesellschaft (LHG) has just informed us that to minimise the face-to-face encounters the damage claim report process for incoming trailers on Skandinavienkai has been suspended for as long as the restrictions are in force.

We have thus decided to adopt the following procedure of cargo claims in Travemünde, Rostock, Helsinki and Turku.

For as long as corona virus restrictions are in force the claims process is as follows

If the driver detects a damage in the unit, s/he should take a picture / pictures of the damage, including the identifier of the unit (registration number)

These pictures, with the details of date, vessel and unit should be sent to Freightlink.

UPDATE 24/03/2020 11.07

A friendly reminder: according to the SOLAS convention (International Convention for the Safety of Life as Sea) and the Finnish Maritime Code the shipper must make sure that the cargo information given to carrier is correct, including the weight of the cargo unit. We kindly ask you to pay attention to the booked and real cargo weights in trucks and trailers.

For everybody's safety and the smooth flowing of traffic as well as loading and unloading you need to give the correct weight of the cargo and the units in the booking. If this is not properly complied with, there may be unplanned short shipments to maintain the sea safety of the vessel.

The correct information is required also by the authorities and is the basis of the cargo dues.

UPDATE 23/03/2020 12.56

Updated Biscay, Russia & UK Liner Services schedule valid from week 13 to week 18.

Biscay, Russia & UK Liner Services: Schedule 23.03.2020 - 03.05.2020

UPDATE 23/03/2020 11.34

Updated schedule for Germany-Finland-Denmark ro-ro service for 23 March 2020 - 10 May 2020.

As Finnlines has a significant part to play in Nordic countries' security of supply we do our utmost to keep both our customers and our personnel safe and secure from the effects of coronavirus.

There are no plans to cancel any departures. Both the landside and seaside processes are ready to be modified according to the instructions and guidelines provided by health and other authorities.

Finnlines vessels have capacity for a limited number of passengers, a few hundred at most, and compared to those numbers they are spacious, which limits the exposure to infectious diseases. To ensure the safety of both drivers and crew intensified precautionary measures are taken onboard our vessels, including:

  • Drivers will be allocated own cabins, also on our ro-ro vessels, starting on week 12
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection, especially cleaning of door handles, handrails, elevator knobs, remote controls and tabletops.
  • Reinforced high hygienic standards onboard by increasing the amount of hand sanitizers in different places to make it easier for drivers and other passengers as well as crew members to clean their hands frequently.
  • Detailed instructions for the crew as how to handle any person with flu-like symptoms
  • Display posters and leaflets promoting the protective measures (handwashing, social distancing and cough etiquette) as advised by the health authorities

Finnlines is following on daily basis and applying national and international health authorities’ instructions.

Furthermore, we advise our customers the following

  • If the driver has symptoms of a virus infection s/he should not travel
  • No passengers or drivers are allowed onboard for the time being in the Biscay-Russia, Germany-Russia, UK and Aarhus-Helsinki traffics
  • We ask the drivers to avoid cash and card payments as well as handing identification papers to the check-in personnel
  • For the duration of the corona epidemic, we do not provide eurovignettes in Vuosaari harbour; they can be acquired online at


30 March 2020

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