What do I need with me to travel?

There are a few things you will need with you to travel on a freight ferry:

Passport or Photographic ID

A valid passport is needed for all ferry crossings outside of the UK and Ireland. If you are travelling within the UK (e.g. to the Isle of Wight) or to Northern Ireland or to the Republic of Ireland, a valid form of photographic identification (e.g. photo driving licence) is needed.

Booking Reference

This is the confirmation reference number that we will have sent to you via email - not a copy of the confirmation page of our website. If you have lost this confirmation, please let us know and we can resend the reference to you via email or SMS.

Other Paperwork

For example, Dangerous Goods Notes for Hazardous Goods, animal health certificates or pet passports if you're travelling with animals or any customs or load paperwork.

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