Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2017

Freightlink 'Dresses Down' for Comic Relief 2017

This year to do our bit for Comic Relief we decided to have a company 'Dress Down' day on Red Nose Day.

Some of the outfits were so shocking (yes, that's you Freightlink Reload team!) that we didn't dare take any photos. But, we're pleased to say that we raised £100 for Comic Relief. Not too bad when you look at what some people were wearing!

In case you didn't know, here's a bit about Red Nose Day from their website

"Since its launch in 1988, Red Nose Day has become something of a British institution. It’s the day, every two years, when people across the land can get together and do something funny for money at home, school and work.

There’s a fantastic night of TV on the BBC, with comedy and entertainment to inspire the nation to give generously.

Comic Relief spends the money raised by Red Nose Day to help people living tough lives across the UK and Africa."

More Freightlink fundraisers coming soon....

03 April 2017

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