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P&O Ferries : Shipment of Hay/Straw on Larne - Cairnryan

May we remind you that Hay and Straw are classed as hazardous materials under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code:

UN 1327 (Class 4.1) Ignites readily. Liable to spontaneous combustion when wet, damp or contaminated with oil

Shipping of such loads from Cairnryan or Larne must be requested well in advance and the associated Dangerous Goods Notice must be received at least 8hrs before departure.

All loads must be covered and fully compliant with the IMDG regulations for this product.

Latest check-in for Hazardous Goods on the Larne – Cairnryan route is 45 minutes before sailing and appropriate hazardous placards must be displayed on the vehicle.

Failure to declare dangerous goods, or follow the rules set out above will result in shipment being denied.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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06 February 2024

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