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P&O Ferries Update - Secure Movement By Sea 2024

Before shipping with P&O Ferries, all vehicles must be mechanically sound, capable of being properly lashed on deck and cargo stowed securely within. Additionally, all vehicles presented for shipping must either be able to move under their own power, if so designed to do (e.g. car, van, lorry etc), or if not self-propelled (e.g. trailers, caravans etc), be capable of being towed on board.

Please refer to the rules governing securing of cargo at sea as issued by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency under regulation number MGN 418 (M) in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation’s resolution A.581 (14).

The rules state that a standard freight unit must be equipped with FOUR approved lashings brackets on each side to ensure loading and lashing in a manner safe for sea transport.

In addition, SDV tractor units must have approved lashing/towing eye at the front of the vehicle, otherwise shipment may be refused. CAR TRANSPORTERS must also have lashing brackets - the chassis cannot be relied upon for securing of the vehicle onboard.

We would therefore ask that you review your current procedures for the securing of cargo to ensure they are compliant with the above regulation, and would remind both operators and drivers of their responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Cargo securing and load restraint within a freight vehicle
  • Cargo stability
  • Vehicle brakes
  • Provision of adequate lashing points on each side – see example below
  • Provision of suitable trestle plate
  • Accurate and timely declaration of cargo at the booking and check in stage
  • Clear display of DGN signage on vehicles where appropriate

Inappropriate securing of cargo represents a hazard to all onboard and where a load is deemed unfit for shipment, you will be informed at the earliest opportunity.

NOTE: The Master of the vessel has the right and the legal obligation to refuse shipment of freight units intended for sea transport that do not comply with these requirements.

We both have a “Duty of Care” to our employees, customers and the general public, and we trust that with your co-operation, the safe movement of equipment and product properly secured remains a high priority.

Your assistance in this matter is much appreciated.

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13 March 2024

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