The Port of Calais for Freight Shipments

On average, ferries sail from the Port of Calais every 30 minutes.

This is partly because of the port’s convenient location. Calais Port is easily accessible by car, truck, van or lorry and is connected directly to the French motorways (the A26/E15 and A16/E40). Calais ferry port also offers the shortest route between mainland Europe and the UK.

But it isn’t just passengers and shipping companies that are making the most of the port’s facilities.

The Port of Calais : What to Expect

For businesses, the Port of Calais has a lot to offer; from unaccompanied cargo & storage facilities, to truck and HGV washing stations.

At the same time, the port’s ongoing commitment to security makes the available onsite parking a great option.

Meanwhile, drivers can also benefit from the port’s features, with excellent port facilities allowing drivers to stretch their legs and enjoy some refreshments while waiting to be loaded.

It’s no surprise that in January alone, the Port of Calais saw more than 65,000 tonnes of freight traffic.

Excellent Links to UK

Calais plays a key role in the world’s biggest shipping lane - the English Channel. These are the 3 best routes for transporting your goods between the UK and mainland Europe:

  1. Dover ⇄ Calais

The Dover to Calais freight route is the channel’s busiest freight route, and for a good reason. As the quickest ferry route between the UK and France, Dover Calais is a vital trade route for businesses across Europe and beyond.

One vessel manning this route is P&O’s newest fleet member, the P&O Pioneer, which is currently the largest double ended hybrid ferry in the world.

Our Managing Director, Alex McDonald, was able to see the vessel in person for her official naming ceremony in July 2023. See our behind the scenes look at the Pioneer’s driver facilities on our LinkedIn page.

  1. Folkestone ⇄ Calais

There's a light at the end of the (Euro)tunnel.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight provides fast and straightforward check-ins with up to 7 trains per hour at peak times. Each crossing takes just 35 minutes on average.

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  1. Tilbury ⇄ Calais

The new Tilbury Calais freight service from DFDS travels 6x a week and provides convenient transport for unaccompanied loads.

Operated by BOTNIA SEAWAYS with a capacity of 115 freight units, DFDS have directly answered customer feedback to provide this much requested service and make UK-France shipments more accessible for unaccompanied goods.

While these outstanding operators are making transport easier than ever, for the best fares on Calais freight ferries and tunnel tickets (WITH customs support), there’s only one agent you need.

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