Positive Customer Experiences - GB to Ireland, 'Last Minute' Eurotunnel Freight

Reviews tell all. On our review dashboard we boast an incredible 4.81 star rating with 96% of our customers from all across Europe saying they would recommend us to other people. This is extremely important for us and we are focused on continuing to provide a service that our customers know they can trust enough to recommend to others.

Mark’s GB to Ireland Experience

Mark needed to make travel arrangements to move an empty van from Great Britain into Ireland. As both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are treated as EU member states with regards to trade, he didn’t know what protocols and customs procedures he would be required to follow. Mark decided to talk to our Customer Service team where Sadie, a member of our dedicated team, was able to help him with all of his questions and sort out all of his problems. Mark was incredibly happy with the service that he received and was able to travel with ease.

“Sadie and her colleagues in Customer Services sorted all my issues for me. Excellent service. Thank you.”

Pat's 'Last Minute' Eurotunnel Freight Story

Pat made their first booking with us to travel using the Eurotunnel Freight. Unfortunately, Pat ended up being slightly late and ended up missing the allocated timeslot to travel at five o’clock in the morning. After struggling to get help from the staff at check-in, Pat decided to call the Freightlink team and see if they would be able to come up with a solution.

Our team were able to reschedule the booking immediately, allowing Pat to complete the journey and avoid losing money on a new booking! After this first success with Freightlink, Pat decided to open an account with us and booked a ticket to travel at extremely short notice, once again! Pat found that everything went smoothly and that booking with Freightlink reduces the stress of travelling with freight.

“Absolutely perfect. First time I used Freightlink and they were brilliant.”

Peter’s New Account

Peter is a relatively new account holder. When you create an account with Freightlink you are also given a dedicated Account Manager who ensures that your bookings run smoothly and that you are informed of any updates and changes to your booking. He credited his Account Manager with her excellent phone manner and service, and was extremely happy to have his first crossing with Eurotunnel Freight booked at a competitive rate extremely quickly.

Peter had a few questions about his booking and was glad when his Account Manager took the time to take him through all of the answers and ensure that he was completely happy with his booking. He noted that his Account Manager also takes the time to keep in touch with him and he is extremely happy with the dedication that is put into him as a customer.

Peter also credited our Customer Service team who have always been on hand to help him secure his booking, even under last-minute pressure. He was especially happy about the fact that they always pull out all the stops in order to ensure that he’s always able to make it to his crossings on time. Peter thanked our staff for all of their help and was glad to be looked after by the Freightlink team!

“Excellent phone manner and client service. Had my new account up and running and my first crossing with Eurotunnel Freight booked at a competitive rate in minutes!”

We are proud to deliver a service that is focused on you. Our team want to make sure that your bookings always go as smoothly as possible, but are always on hand to help you out when they don’t.

12 April 2021

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