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Save Money & Transport Your Goods Through Dunkerque

Did you know that the Port of Dunkerque’s territory covers over 7 thousand hectares?

Just 40km from Dover and around 10km to the Belgian border, Dunkerque is the ideal port for transporting goods between the UK and Continental Europe.

Today, we’re covering why France’s third-ranking port could be the answer your business needs.

Grand Port Maritime of Dunkirk

Located on the North Sea, the Port of Dunkerque is France’s leading port for copper, ore, coal and containerised fruit.

Due to the port’s closeness to the Belgium border (around 40km closer than Calais), hauliers and couriers who use Dunkerque instead can save time & money.

Thanks to several of the port’s features, businesses who choose to transport their goods via the Port of Dunkerque can enjoy many more benefits, including…

Peace of mind

The parking area at Dunkerque is protected by 2 sets of fencing - the tallest being 4m high - infrared CCTV and security guards. Meanwhile, the port's pre-checking area provides plenty of space for the driver to have a break and a rest before catching the ferry.

These features help to keep your goods safe and give you peace of mind.


Whether you’re transporting your goods via Dunkerque ⇄ Dover or Dunkerque ⇄ Rosslare, there are plenty of facilities available at the terminal, including drinks, showers and customs facilities.

This means that everything the driver may need to prepare just before the journey is available in one place.

Saving time

In a rush? No problem.

Drivers can also reap the benefits of DFDS’ Priority Lane, Fast Lane and Advanced Check-In Services, allowing drivers to:

  • Avoid potential queues and depart on next sailing, even if vessel is full
  • Faster access to check-in
  • Check-in up to 12 hours before departure

*Please note: conditions apply. Learn more

To purchase these DFDS services, simply get in touch with our customer service team or pay at the DFDS check-in.

Reaping the benefits that Dunkerque can offer is a no-brainer. But when booking your ticket, it is essential that businesses choose a freight ferry ticket agent that can support you with the best rates and customer service.

Why book with us?

At Freightlink, our customers are our number 1 priority. Whether you have booked with us in the past or if this is your first time, you can expect the same elite level of customer service. To match, we also offer industry-leading rates.

Our expert team can also support you with booking tickets for abnormal or hazardous loads.

To find out more about transporting your goods between Continental Europe and the UK, see our route map or get in touch with one of our freight ferry booking experts today.

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