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Stena Line Update - High Visibility Clothing on Irish Sea

Following HSA recommendation, Irish ports and ferry companies would like to bring the following to your attention.

We have all seen an increase of freight drivers not wearing High Visibility clothing on our terminals and ships. Safety is the top priority for both our employees and everyone visiting our locations and ships. As we want everyone to be clearly visible we are starting a campaign to make sure all freight drivers follow the minimum high visibility standards.

In practice, your freight drivers will be confronted with stricter enforcement both on the quay-side and on board. We will have posters emphasizing the need for high visibility clothing and we will instruct all our staff on the terminal, at check in and on board ships to make the drivers aware when they are not adhering to the minimum standard.

Starting from the 10th of May 2021, any driver not wearing a High Visibility jacket as a minimum will get a yellow card shown to them by our staff.

Please inform all your drivers that they need to be wearing high visibility while checking in, on the terminal and on board. In short, high visibility by all drivers from check-in to cabin.

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05 May 2021

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