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Stena Line Update : UK - NL Quarantine Declaration Changes

After discussions with the Dutch government we’ve come to an agreement that the quarantine declarations from freight drivers (who are exempt for the quarantine) will not be collected by Stena Line anymore.

The declaration and any accompanying documentation will still need to be in possession with the freight driver but does not need to be handed to the reception on board anymore. This document can then also be re-used then by the drivers for any following trip.

We as a ferry company are still obliged by the government to provide the details of the persons travelling with us, so we will (as we do for every arrival in the Netherlands) provide these details to the Dutch government (the safety region/veiligheidsregio in this case). With that we as a ferry company do fulfill the requirements but do not need to have the driver to give away the papers anymore.

We assume this is a better solution for all of us and we will be starting this procedure at the first departure today from the UK towards the Netherlands.

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08 July 2021

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