Isle of Wight Coastline

Transporting Goods Between England and the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is well-known for its magnificent beaches, picturesque surroundings, and flourishing tourism economy.

But one lesser-known feature of England’s biggest island is its thriving ferry transport industry - its ports handle roughly 400,000 tonnes of cargo each year.

As a result of this high demand, there are many opportunities for businesses and transporters of all sizes to transport their goods from/to the island.

These are the best freight routes between the Isle of Wight and England:

Freight ferries from England to the Isle of Wight

Freight ferries from the Isle of Wight to England

Some of the Isle of Wight’s most common imports include foodstuffs, fuel and building materials. Meanwhile, the island is a major exporter of tomatoes, garlic and other vegetables which grow readily in the island’s warm climate.

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