UK Government Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme

[UPDATED] UK Government Scheme Prevents Costly Illegal Immigration Fines for Hauliers & Van Drivers

Road transport companies and their drivers must secure vehicles coming into the UK to stop 'clandestine entrants'. The UK government and home office led Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme can help reduce any possible fines from illegal immigration.

As a haulage company, if you do not secure your vehicle and are found carrying clandestine entrants into the UK you will be issues a civil penalty (or fine).

Fines can be up to £2,000 for every person you carry and the driver. The owner or vehicle hirer can be fined. Do not think that just because it's not your own vehicle you won't face a fine.

The clandestine entrant legislation applies to all arrivals into the UK, including ferry ports and Eurotunnel.

Minimise the Fine, Be Secure

PadlockMany security systems are available to prevent entry to your HGV or van, however a security system is only as good as the person who has to use it.

  • Ensure that the driver knows how to use the security system by providing written instructions.
  • An effective security device secures the vehicle, load and trailer
  • Provide a vehicle security checklist to the driver so that there are no doubts as to what they are required to do
  • Regularly check that drivers are following the instructions

Effective security systems should include

  • Padlocks, seals and tilt cords to secure vehicles after loading
  • Vehicle checks performed by the driver after each stop and before entering the UK
  • A check register used in conjunction with the vehicle security checklist

To qualify for the Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme you must have an effective security system and ensure that all drivers are trained to use the security system correctly.

The UK Border Force has recently released a 'Haulier Toolkit' to help with security, which can be downloaded from the Home Office website.

The full Code of Practice is avalable from the website.

Apply for the Accreditation Scheme

To apply for the scheme and potentially save thousands on fines, download the Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme Application Form

Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme Application Form

and return to:

Clandestine entrant civil penalty team
Border Force
Border Force South / South East & Europe
Amadeus Building
The Quadrant
Mondial Way
Middlesex UB3 5AR

For more information, visit the 'Secure your vehicle to help stop illegal immigration' website.

24 May 2018

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