What is a Port Pass and What do I Need to Provide?

Port Passes (known as GMR in GB, PBN in Ireland, Logistics Envelope in France) are created from Import MRNs. Without import MRNs you will not be able to generate a Port Pass with the relevant authority which will prevent access to the port.

Otherwise known as pre-lodgement or logistics envelope systems, Port Passes have been introduced by the UK and the EU to do two things -

  • Make sure ALL of the customs processes have been completed PRIOR to a vehicle arriving at the port
  • Acts as a trigger to update some of the customs procedures, such as the office of Transit, which lets customs authorities know the goods have left one customs territory and have entered another

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Each, different jurisdiction has a port pass system to contend with -

  • FRANCE - SI Brexit (export example - "Exxxxxx")
  • SPAIN - Teleport II*
  • BELGIUM - RX Seaport
  • NETHERLANDS - Portbase
  • REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - PBN (export example - "xxxxxxxx")

Along with any required Safety & Security ENS Declaration, all the separate export and import / transit MRN numbers are then entered into the GB and EU port pass systems. If the declarations have been submitted correctly, the entry will be accepted and validated.


When accepted, a single reference will be produced. For example, from the GVMS system (GB) and the PBN system (Republic of Ireland). If any of the MRN numbers are invalid, the entry will be rejected and the haulier will need to contact the customer.

These reference numbers are then passed onto the ferry company to complete one last check to make sure the declarations have been completely correctly.

port pass diagram