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A Ships Management

A Ships Management Ferry Routes

6 crossings per week
8 hour crossing
5 crossings per week
7 hour crossing
6 crossings per week
9 hour crossing
5 crossings per week
5 hour crossing

A Ships Management operates ferry routes between Italy and Greece and Italy and Albania.

The Italy <> Greece route operates between the ports of Brindisi <> Corfu <> Igoumenitsa.

The Italy <> Albania route operators between the ports of Brindisi <> Vlore.

Map of Routes


Key Facts

  • Berth in cabin included
  • Fuel surcharges apply
  • Hazardous cargo accepted
  • Livestock accepted
  • Meals included
  • No show / late cancellation charges
  • Unaccompanied freight accepted
  • Check in time prior to departure: 2 hours
  • Max. no of drivers: 2 people
  • Drivers included in price: 1 driver

Please note, may not apply to all sailings. See details when booking.

Alternative Operators

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