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Tirrenia Lines

Book a ferry for your van or lorry to Sardinia or to Sicily with Tirrenia Lines Ferries.

Tirrenia Ferries offer ferries for freight vehicles to Porto Torres, Olbia, Genoa, Palermo and Cagliari.

Tirrenia Navigazione Ferries were formed in 1936 as a result of the nationalisation of several privately owned Italian ferry companies. Tirrenia are now privately owned and contracted by the Ministry of Transportation to provide an essential link between the Italian mainland and the major islands. They now operate 23 vessels and provides ferry crossings to Sardinia and to Sicily. The owners of Tirrenia Lines are Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione, which is owned by Marinvest, Moby and Grimaldi.

Tirrenia Ferries offer 9 ferry routes from Genoa and Civitaveccia in Italy to various ports in Sardinia, as well as ferry routes from Napoli in Southern Italy to Sicily. There are also ferry routes which connect Sicily to Sardinia. Tirrenia Ferries operate 60,000 crossings and carry over 13 million passengers each year.

The Tirrenia Ferries fleet includes brand new super ferries to give short and comfortable crossings with a range of facilities including restaurants, cinemas and cabins. They provide passengers with a range of facilities whether you travel on the Civitavecchia Olbia ferry route, the Napoli Cagliari route, the Genoa Porto Torres route, or any other Tirrenia Ferries route.

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