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Ravenna ferries to Sicily, Italy and Greece with Grimaldi Lines.

Ravenna is an inland city, connected to the Adriatic Sea by the Candiano Canal and is an important commercial and tourist ferry port. Located in eastern Italy, from Ravenna you can catch ferries to Brindisi, further down the coast and then onto Catania in Sicily. Freight ferries are also available to Igoumenitsa in Greece. Freight ferries are operated by Grimaldi Lines.

Ravenna is one of the most ancient ports in the world, with a military harbour being founded in 31 BC and has shipyards, bulk terminals, container terminals and one of the biggest marinas of the Adriatic Sea along with its passenger and cruise line ferry terminals.

Ferry Routes to Ravenna

3 crossings per week
42 hour crossing

Ferry Routes from Ravenna

3 crossings per week
42 hour crossing

Ravenna Details


Via Teseo Guerra 48100 Ravenna, Italy





24 Hour Parking



Alternative Ports

No alternative ports