Oresund bridge

Øresund Bridge - Connecting the North and Baltic Seas

The Øresund Bridge, also known as the Øresund Link, is the longest bridge in Europe, connecting Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmo, Sweden. It stretches over the Øresund strait, a narrow body of water separating Denmark and Sweden, connecting the North Sea with the Baltic Sea.

This eight-kilometer road-rail bridge crosses the Swedish coast, the artificially created island of Peberholm, and a four-kilometer tunnel connecting to the Danish island of Amager.

How old is Øresund Link?

The idea of ​​linking Denmark and Sweden first emerged in the early 20th century, but it wasn't until the 1990s that plans for the Øresund Bridge began to take shape. Construction began in 1995, and the ceremonial opening of the bridge took place on July 1, 2000 by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

An eco-friendly option

As an alternative to air and sea travel, this combination has helped reduce carbon emissions. The bridge has also reduced traffic congestion, particularly in Copenhagen where it has helped alleviate some of the city's traffic problems.

Combined ticket (Combi): bridge+ferry

The combination ticket is ideal when you want to cross the Øresund Bridge and take the Scandlines ferry between Rødby-Puttgarden or Gedser-Rostock.

Rødby and Puttgarden

Take the shorter ferry route from Germany with Scandlines Rødby to Puttgarden. It's about 20 kilometers and takes about 45 minutes.

Gedser and Rostock

Take the longer ferry route from Germany with Scandlines from Gedser to Rostock. It is about 52 km and takes about 2 hours.

If you are traveling from Germany, you should buy a combined bridge+ferry ticket from Puttgarden to Malmo or Rostock - Malmo.

If you are traveling from Poland, you should buy a combined bridge+ferry ticket from Świnoujście to Copenhagen.

Combined ticket Świnoujście-Copenhagen

If you have any questions about booking ferry tickets and toll bridges for these routes, please contact our customer service team.

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