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6 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Mediterranean Ferries with Freightlink

When it comes to transporting your goods in the Mediterranean via ferry, there's a lot of routes to choose from.

But why should you book yours with us?

Here’s our top 6 reasons why Freightlink is the European freight ferry ticket agent for you.

1. Smooth sailing with our expert advice

Sometimes, local ferry operator booking forms can seem complicated and confusing.

Luckily, our Mediterranean ferry crossing experts have the experience and knowledge to complete them quickly for you.

2. No more language barriers

Language can be a problem when sorting out your ferry booking, but it doesn’t have to be.

We have native speakers to cover all Mediterranean routes, allowing us to speak directly to the ports and operators on your behalf.

3. Industry-leading rates

Don’t get excited - get ferry excited about our rates for the Mediterranean and Balearic Islands, including Barcelona - Civitavecchia.

To learn more, speak to your dedicated personal account manager.

4. Plenty of options to float your boat

Sometimes, your regular or ideal route may not be available. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, but typically occurs when there isn’t any available space on this route.

At Freightlink, we understand how important it is that your goods arrive at their destination on time. That’s why our team will provide you with alternative routes in case availability issues occur.

5. Abnormal loads

As a leading freight ferry ticket agent, we know a thing or two about transporting abnormal loads. In fact, we do it every day.

With Freightlink, organising transport for your abnormal loads is simple and easy.

6. Stress-free customs

Customs paperwork doesn't have to be troublesome. With our friends at CustomsLink on your side, making your customs declarations becomes a straightforward process.

To book your Mediterranean ferry tickets, enquire about our services or learn which route is right for you, get in touch with one of our experts today.

01 June 2022

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