The Best Routes for Transporting Popular Food Imports from EU to UK

In 2020 alone, 28% of UK foods were imported from the EU.

But which EU countries are the UK’s biggest suppliers of different types of food? And what are the best routes to transport food into the UK from the EU?

Let’s find out!


Did you know that as much as 90% of UK lettuce is shipped in from EU countries? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

One of the main suppliers of vegetables imported into the UK is Germany.

Just a 19+ hour freight ferry crossing with DFDS takes your goods between Cuxhaven, Germany and Immingham port, England.

With prices starting at around £653 (Immingham-Cuxhaven), it’s no wonder that this route Romaine’s a favourite for businesses looking to import lettuce to the UK.


Despite being known globally as nations of tea-drinkers, the UK imports thousands of tons of coffee each year. That’s a latte of coffee!

While around half of this comes from South America, a surprising amount will only need to travel from the EU - and a significant portion of this will come directly from Belgium.

One of the best routes for companies looking to transport their coffee grains into the UK from Belgium is Zeebrugge ⇄ Tilbury with P&O Ferries. With a mere 8+ hour crossing starting at around £460, you’ll be wondering where this route has bean all your life.

Dairy products

A huge number of dairy products that are imported into the UK each year come from France, and much of this will arrive in the UK via the Calais ⇄ Dover ferry route.

This legend-dairy route takes only 2+ hours. And with journeys costing as little as £146, you’d be udder-ly mad to miss out!

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19 May 2022

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