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Brittany Ferries Update : Rosslare Europort - Construction Work

We are writing to you to inform you of advised construction works in Rosslare Europort.

In order to facilitate drivers, there are now HGV parking facilities in the current Border Inspection Post and a layby road (adjacent road from the Border Inspection Post) which is designated to HGVs only.

These two locations which are 3-5 minutes drive from the port, along with facilities further in Gorey will help facilitate HGV drivers who are looking to take breaks.

Until further notice, there will be No Parking capability in the port. Below are the area codes and coordinates of the three dedicated areas for HGV parking. This information will also be visible in the port to inform drivers and drivers will be provided with leaflets detailing the same information.

Rosslare Europort together with the OPW is embarking on the largest ever investment in the history of the port. While we will be working to ensure minimum disruption during the phases of construction works there will be changes at the port to general access, parking, facilities, and traffic routes over the next 26 months. Effective from 10th of July 2023, this carpark will be closed until further notice. Driver parking facilities are now located at the current Border Inspection Post, layby road and M11 service station, as indicated on the map. All coordinates and area codes are provided. A range of driver facilities can be found at Y35 P797 and Y25 V8F8.

  • Border Inspection Post – Y35 P797 Latitude: 52.246536 Longitude: -6.345280
  • Overflow Lane – Y35 W9YT Latitude: 52.246084 Longitude: -6.350356
  • Gorey Service Station – Y25 V8F8 Latitude: 52.7489089 Longitude: -6.205121781496825

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24 July 2023

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