changes to eu journey registration

Changes to European Journey Registration from February 2022

There are more changes to the rules on transportation of goods coming soon. You are probably already aware of the impending customs changes between Great Britain and the EU from October. However, are you aware of the changes to European journey registration that will be implemented from the 2nd February 2022?

From 2nd February 2022, it will be essential that you register the details of your road haulage journeys that take place within the EU, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway prior to the journey departure.

Do these changes affect me?

This will apply to you if you use -

  • You use vans of any size or other light goods/commercial vehicles

  • You use vans towing trailers

  • You use cars towing trailers

  • You use HGVs

  • You use HGVs towing trailers

Which journeys need to be registered?

If your journey will involve the transportation of goods between two separate points within the EU, Ireland, Liechtenstein and Norway for commercial purposes then you will need to ensure that it is registered prior to your departure. This means that if you load goods at one point within any of the aforementioned countries then you will need to register your journey.

This includes -

  • Cabotage movements

  • Cross-trade movements

  • The movement of goods for business use

If you’re a Northern Ireland vehicle operator, you will need to register journeys within Ireland if they’re covered by the rules.

The journey will NOT need to be registered if

  • You are using a vehicle that isn’t carrying goods

  • You are travelling from the UK to one place within Europe, where you are able to both load and unload goods

  • You are travelling from the UK to Europe and unload goods at more than one place within Europe but cannot load your vehicle within Europe

  • You are travelling from Europe to the UK and load goods at multiple places within Europe but are unable to unload within Europe

  • You are travelling from the UK to a non-European country but cannot load or unload your vehicle in Europe

Register the Journey (aka Postings Declaration)

There is no fee to register your journey. To register your journey you will need:

  • Vehicle operators licence (if you have one)

  • The contact details for your transport manager

  • Drivers names, addresses and driving license numbers

  • The most recent employment contract between you and your driver, if you use an agency then the most recent employment contracts between you and the agency will be required

You will also need to detail the type of employment contract, the departure and commencement dates of your journey and the vehicle registration number.

The online service to register journeys is being developed by the EU. More information to follow soon.


From the 2nd February 2022 it will also be essential for the driver to carry a digital or physical copy of the registered journey information.

More information can be found in the UK Government Register road haulage journeys within Europe from 2 February 2022 guide.

Making sure that you’re prepared for these changes will help your business to adapt better once they’re enforced. Don’t miss out on any other important updates. Check out our blog for the latest industry information.

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