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DFDS Update - Demurrage charges unaccompanied trailers port of Dover

To avoid any delays with the delivery and shipment of unaccompanied trailers we politely request that you collect your trailers as soon as possible.

Please be reminded of the demurrage charges for unaccompanied trailers, which is applied by the Port of Dover.

It is important that you understand this is NOT a DFDS charge, but as ferry operations we are committed to collecting the charges on behalf of the Port of Dover.

For your guidance please see below and example of the amended charges -

  • First 24 hrs - No Charge
  • 24.01 to 48 hrs or part thereof = £ 81.30
  • 48.01 to 72 hrs or part thereof = £162.60
  • 72.01 to 96 hrs or part thereof = £243.39


19 December 2023

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