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DFDS Update - DFDS/P&O Ferries Interoperability

We hereby inform you that DFDS and P&O Ferries will be implementing a shared charter agreement commencing 7th November 2021

Freight drivers will be able to check-in the normal way with their regular shipping operator but will be given the opportunity to ship on the earliest departure regardless of which operator is departing first.

This will provide more flexibility, with a sailing every 37 minutes, reducing waiting time at the port and saving our freight customers significant time on their overall journey time.

Whilst the agreement means that capacity is shared, all commercial activities remain entirely under the control of each operator.


As a DFDS customer you will continue to receive an exceptional service from our Sales and Customer Services teams

  • Applies to driver accompanied freight shipments only (unaccompanied traffic is operated solely by DFDS)
  • Not available for the shipment of hazardous goods, Plug ins or out of gauge vehicles.
  • Applies to the Dover <> Calais departures only.
  • The Dover <> Dunkerque services continues to be operated solely by DFDS.
  • DFDS customers will continue to have the option of the priority lane and the advanced check in on Dunkerque departures.
  • Freight drivers checking in with DFDS will continue to benefit from a free meal on all services.

At DFDS, we continuously strive to improve our service to freight customers and with this new space charter agreement you should experience improvements which speed up your journey, reduce congestion and keep trade flowing freely.

25 October 2021

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