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DFDS Update - Goods & Swedish Border Control

Goods from the United Kingdom may need border control before the consignment leaves the port area.

If you bring in goods from the United Kingdom or other countries outside the EU, you are responsible for the consignment being checked at the Swedish Board of Agriculture's / Swedish Food Agency's Border Control Post. Border control is needed if the goods contain animal products e.g. animal feed or food.

The Border Control Post is located within the port area and if the consignment has left the port area without being checked, it can have major consequences for you who are the importer/responsible for the load.

Contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture/Swedish Food Agency's border control post and choose an automated customs procedure instead of a transit procedure if you are unsure.

Consignments that need border control must be pre-notified to bcp.goteborg@jordbruksverket.se or gks.goteborg@slv.se, depending on whether the consignment is to be checked by the Swedish Board of Agriculture or the Swedish Food Agency.

More information regarding border control on the Swedish Board of Agriculture's website and on Swedish Food Agency’s website.

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