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DFDS Update - Safety measures for shipment of unregistered second hand or damaged vehicles

Safety is a significant part of the DFDS agenda. It is our utmost priority to ensure safe transport of passengers and cargo on board our ships. Following the series of fire incidents related to unregistered second hand or damaged vehicles, we kindly remind about the following safety measures:

  • The battery cables are disconnected completely
  • The battery terminals are properly isolated
  • The batteries have no visible damage
  • The vehicle itself is determined in general condition not compromising any safety requirements

* For unregistered second hand or damaged vehicles safety measures will be performed by stevedores in port of loading. Service fee is 30 eur / unit.

* If such vehicle is loaded onto cargo transport unit, written CONFIRMATION of abovementioned safety measures carried out is required from the driver / shipper. Free of charge.

* Under no circumstances are damaged or unregistered electric or hybrid-electric vehicles to be carried due to the risk of fire.


15 December 2023

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