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DFDS Update - Suspension of Calais <> Sheerness Service

Owing to operational difficulties the unaccompanied service between Calais and Sheerness will be suspended with effect from Saturday 15th January until further notice, with the last departure being from Sheerness at 11:00 hrs on Friday 14th January.

To underline our continued commitment to our valued customers and to support you and your business, we will temporarily operate unaccompanied services between Calais and Dover exclusively for our existing Calais <> Sheerness unaccompanied shipping customers.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that when shipping via the Port of Dover, ancillary charges specific to the port shall apply as normal (Port Tax & Demurrage after 24 hours standage).

We sincerely hope the unfortunate situation we currently face will be rectified and DFDS Sheerness unaccompanied services will be reinstated very soon.


12 January 2022

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