Eurotunnel heartbeat detector

Eurotunnel Adds New Heartbeat Detector Security Control

As part of their ongoing investment in high quality service, Eurotunnel has added additional security controls for drivers and vehicles at the Coquelles terminal.

heartbeat detector eurotunnelA new heartbeat detector is now operational at security controls before Check-in. Designed with the latest technology, the new heartbeat detector features highly sensitive sensors able to detect potential intrusions on board vehicles. If any human presence is detected, the vehicle will be subject to further checks.

No Change for Drivers

On arrival at the Eurotunnel terminal, drivers will still be given the choice to have their vehicles inspected. Upon their decision, they will simply be directed by the security personnel to proceed either to the sniffer patrols area or the heartbeat detector, depending on their type of vehicle. Following the control, the CMR documents will be stamped as per usual.

Eurotunnel will continue to provide fast and thorough controls to ensure a high level of security and traffic fluidity through the terminals at all times.

If you have any questions about the new security controls, contact our expert customer service team.

22 May 2017

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