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Eurotunnel Freight Update - Covid-19: Important Information

UPDATE 01/04/2020 16.47

The Coronavirus crisis is impacting businesses across Europe and Eurotunnel is no exception. We are having to adapt our entire transport model and processes to serve our customers’ changing needs whilst protecting truck drivers and our own staff. We have already made substantial changes and we continue to review the situation every day.

You will already know that we have reduced the load factors on our Freight Shuttles in order to increase social distancing for drivers and crew during the crossing. We have encouraged drivers to follow government advice on hand sanitation and use of PPE and we have added extra minibus rotations to maintain social distancing for truck drivers in the smaller buses on our French terminal.

The buses on the UK terminal are larger, but the routing is more complex due to the smaller size of the terminal and we have been working within these constraints to find a similar solution for social distancing in the UK buses. Two separate trials last week did not, unfortunately, give us an optimal solution.

We have successfully tested a new combination of buses and other crew vehicles that will enable us to ensure correct social distancing during the transfer from truck cab to club-car and back.

This new process will be introduced end of the day and we are confident that it meets the requirements for social distancing that will protect both your drivers and our staff.

UPDATE 23/03/2020 10.08

Since last week, the loading of the shuttles has been reduced in order to enable drivers to maintain a safe distance between each other. This measure limits our capacity and incurs waiting time which is at times significant. Whilst our rolling stock capacity remains optimal, it is the rules of social distancing between drivers on the terminals which have impacted on our operations up until now.

We have therefore taken certain additional measures in order to reduce this waiting time whilst maintaining maximum security for your drivers. The following rules have been implemented :

Part of the seats in the Club cars, on board which your drivers travel during the crossing, have been made inaccesible in order to optimise the space between drivers on board

As of Friday, during the loading in France, each minibus which transports the drivers to the Club car prior to the crossing will make two trips so as to halve the number of passengers on board each minibus

A similar process for the offloading of the shuttles in France for transporting drivers from the Club car to their vehicles will be implemented as of this evening

The minibuses used on the UK side are large enough to carry an acceptable number of passengers in accordance with the recommended social distance guidelines. They cannot unfortunately operate on the French terminal

Additional shuttle departures will be added wherever possible

We are doing our utmost in order to ensure the continuity of our service in the best conditions possible. The safety of our operations remains however essential and the solutions retained must be effective in the longterm if we want to continue together to provide the indispensable supply of goods which we all need.

UPDATE 19/03/2020 12.16

Eurotunnel VP (Vans on Passenger)

Travelling from France? Our food outlets in the Terminal building are currently closed. Please make arrangements for food and drink before arrival. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.

UPDATE 19/03/2020 10.16

Currently there are no travel restrictions in place between the UK and France and we continue to run our passenger shuttles.

In line with new regulations from the French authorities regarding the latest travel restrictions in France, it is important that your drivers display their VP hanger visibly in the windscreen of their vehicles at all times.

UPDATE 18/03/2020 11.14

In addition to regularly cleaning common spaces and topping up soap dispensers across the terminal and on-board shuttles, hand sanitisers are installed in driver minibuses and in all club-cars.

In response to the latest social distancing requirements from the UK government, both in transit and on the terminals, we operate a limited capacity in each train, resulting in additional social space for HGV drivers on trains and buses.

We are working to provide additional departures to mitigate any impact on waiting time.

Following the evolution of Covid-19 and the recent decisions taken by the French government, we want to ensure that we comply with the public hygiene instructions to limit the impact of the virus and share with you the steps that we are taking to protect all our customers and employees.

You can be reassured that currently there are no travel restrictions in place between the UK and France and we continue to run our freight shuttles normally.

As a valued Eurotunnel customer, you know that safety remains our top priority. We have always taken the cleanliness of our operation very seriously. We know this is even more important at this time, so we have reinforced best hygiene practices across our business and equipment on terminals.

Hand sanitisers are now available on board for drivers in Club Cars. We reduce the access to the trains at certain times to limit the number of drivers in the minibuses and Club Cars in order to respect the recommended secure distance.

We remind you that vans below 3,5 tonnes can travel on our Passengers shuttles on our service. This way your driver will stay on board vehicle during the whole journey.

This is an exceptional time requiring exceptional measures. Please be assured that we are doing our utmost to react and adapt quickly to these new circumstances by continually striving to provide a fast and efficient service.

The future remains unknown. We are in close contact with official authorities in France and the UK to ensure that we have the latest information and are monitoring any changes. We will keep you informed regularly.

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01 April 2020

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