Why should I buy a freight ticket?

Freight tickets offer better value for money for several reasons.


Firstly, freight ferry ticket prices are generally fixed for the whole year, and do not suffer from seasonal fluctuations. This means that the prices will be the same all year round, regardless of when you need to travel. By having fixed ferry prices you will always know your costs, can plan ahead and can offer the best possible service to your customer.

Open tickets

Many of the most popular ferry operators on the most popular routes, such as DFDS Dover Calais and Eurotunnel sell their freight tickets as “Open Tickets”. This means you can turn up and get on the first available ferry when you arrive at the port. You’re not committed to booking to a specific time, you can cross when it suits you and you don’t need to worry about being early or late. Open tickets are also generally valid for a few days so if you get held up there’s no problem and you will still be able to travel.

No amendment fees

There is enormous flexibility in our ferry tickets. But in any business, or in life, your ferry requirements may often change quickly and freight tickets are normally free to cancel and amend. For example, you may find you need to travel earlier or later than you originally planned. Freightlink are here to react to your demands with no charge.

Free access to freight lounges on board

Many ferry operators provide dedicated onboard areas for those travelling on freight tickets. Because we only sell freight tickets our ferry bookings allow free access into these areas so you can relax in complete comfort. Many freight lounges also include showers so you can freshen up on board. Some freight ferry crossings, especially those overnight, also include a free berth in a cabin for a driver allowing you to get a good rest.

Free meals for freight bookings

Some ferry operators reward freight drivers with free meals whilst onboard. This can provide you with savings of £10 - £15 per crossing. Speak to our customer service team, or see “what’s included” when booking online.

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