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Eurotunnel Freight Update - GMR is mandatory from 1st January 2022, including for EMPTY vehicles

We remind you that important changes will apply at UK Border from 1st January 2022.

In addition to the existing border requirements, full UK customs declarations will be required for both GB – EU and EU – GB transports.

WHAT'S NEW ON 01/01/2022?

A GMR (Good Movement Reference) will be mandatory for ALL GB to EU and EU to GB transports, including for EMPTY vehicles

A customs status (green or amber) for goods travelling EU-GB will be given by the UK authorities. Vehicles that have been given an amber customs status will be checked by the UK border authorities in a remote location.


When drivers arrive at both Folkestone and Calais Pit stops:

  • With a Border Pass: no need to show anything. Your GMR will be automatically be identified and checked.
  • With no Border Pass: Your driver will be requested to show their existing barcodes and GMR.

Should the GMR be invalid, your vehicle will be rejected at the Pit Stop. According to the agent's instructions, drivers will be advised to contact their company or go to the Border Facilities Building (in Coquelles).


  • Before arriving in Folkestone, drivers will have to check their customs status displayed on-board the club-cars or via the Driver Info App.
  • Vehicles with an amber status will be directed to the closest Inland Border Facility located in Sevington, near Ashford, accessed from junction 10a off the M20.
  • Vehicles with a green status will continue their journey.

We have produced leaflets in 12 languages to advise drivers accordingly.

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