What's included in the price of my ticket?

If you are booking to travel within the current month, the website will provide you with an ALL INCLUSIVE FREIGHT PRICE, including any fuel/currency surcharges.

If you are booking to travel outside the current month, fuel surcharges may not be available yet and this charge will be applied at the time of invoicing. Fuel surcharges are charged as applicable at the time of shipment and are normally updated within the last week of the month for the following month.

VAT will be added separately at the end of the booking process. Our rates do not include any port taxes applicable on a small number of routes. These are usually paid for by the driver directly at the port of departure and/or arrival. If this is applicable, we will make you aware of this prior to travel.

Please note that we quote all prices on a single trip booking, so prices shown are ONE WAY only.

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