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Five Eurotunnel Safety & Security Controls

In line with the latest technologies, Eurotunnel’s security control systems are designed to protect drivers, their vehicles and their loads every step of their journey. All checks are carried out BEFORE the crossing.

Eurotunnel's detection methods provide the highest level of protection for our customers. At their French terminal, in addition to security personnel and the presence of both French and British authorities, measures are regularly adapted to keep our site secure:

  • A 40km perimeter fence encircles the entire 650 hectare French terminal
  • High level fencing around the platforms, infra-red detectors, hundreds of CCTV cameras and thermal detection sensors ensure the security of our terminal
  • The new buffer zone and the Eurotunnel Truck Park offer secure areas for your drivers off the motorway

Vehicles are rigorously inspected by using the following measures:

1) Passive Millimetric Medium Wave Controls (PMMW)

All vehicles are scanned using PMMW, which uses passive micro-waves to detect any person that may be hiding inside the truck. This system works in real-time and, in the case of any doubt, the vehicle is subjected to further security controls.

eurotunnel microwave scan

2) Security Controls

Seven dedicated inspections lanes allow 14 vehicles to be inspected by dog handlers at busy periods. This check is not compulsory but is certainly advisable. The vehicle is first visually inspected. Further security checks then allow to ascertain any human presence in the trailer.

  • If there is suspicion of human presence on board the vehicle, a further thorough search is carried out
  • A stamp is then added to the CMR

3) Freight Inspection

Freight vehicles may also selected for Euroscan / X-ray inspection which are located on each terminal. This enables the detection of any illegal items such as explosives, weapons, and even illegal substances that may be present in the vehicle.

4) Border Controls

French customs carry out normal controls (visual, search for drugs, illicit materials, etc.) in addition to further specialised controls. They can also decide to scan the vehicle with X-rays or with Ion scan (analysis of particles in suspension) in order to detect explosives or narcotics. They have the ability to unload the truck and to use sniffer dogs if necessary.

United Kingdom Border Force (UKBF) check passports and search for illegal intrusions to the U.K. A 'heartbeat' detector can be used to recognise any human presence on board a truck. They also search for cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or other illicit substances using X-ray scanners and they have the right to unload the vehicle if necessary.

UK border force checks passports. After this check, if illegal migrants are found in the vehicle or trailer fines of up to £2000 for every migrant found may be applicable to both the driver and company.

5) Self Check-In

Once through the security checks, drivers arrive at the 'Self Check-In' area.

When booking with Freightlink we will issue you with a unique booking reference. Simply select your language and enter the unique booking reference into the self check-in touch screen display. You will then pass through the entry gate for embarkation.

Once through you will be pulled forward to load into the next available freight train and will be asked to leave the vehicle. Please ensure your engine is turned off and lock your vehicle – you will not be able to gain access once you have left the vehicle.

Drivers make their way to a freight drivers “Club Car” via minibus. For safety reasons, you do not travel with the vehicle.

Once on-board the “Club Car” you can relax for the next 35 minutes until you arrive at your destination port. Self service vending machines serving drinks and snacks are available.

eurotunnel freight drivers club car

For further information, download the Eurotunnel Boarding Instructions.

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