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Five Reasons Why the Freightlink App is Better Than the Rest

At Freightlink, we're really proud of our mobile app and how it makes booking with us on the go simple and straightforward, as well as all the other features that make catching your ferry a doddle.

We've taken a look at some of the other ferry apps available and made a list of five reasons why our app is the best to use when booking and travelling on freight ferries -

Trusted Reviews

Unlike a number of our competitors, our app has plenty of positive reviews. Over sixty 5 star reviews at last count! This means we have plenty of happy customers who have found our app to be especially helpful on their journey with us. We also have a large user base of well over 10,000 downloads. We are committed to supporting the app and are quick to squash bugs and sort out any issues our customers may have. There aren't many.

Optimised for Your Device

Our app works flawlessly across all devices. It is optimised for newer phone screens with razor-thin bezels as well as working on older phones due to a simple and straightforward layout. We want your experience with our app to be the best and we know that if you use an app and it doesn't fit your screen properly, or it runs super slowly because it's stuffed with unneeded animations and transitions, then our customers are just not going to be interested. Never fear, we're committed to bringing you the best experience to ensure you're able to book that ferry on any iOS or Android device.

Everything in One Place

We won't force you to download three different apps to do one thing - some other ferry apps do. We have bundled all features into one, easy to use package meaning you can book your ticket, check departure times and get your booking notifications all in one place. We don't see the need to make our customers have an app just for bookings and another to check departure times. It's unnecessary.

Multiple Languages Supported

At Freightlink we welcome all customers. That's why we make our website, blog and even our app available in ten different languages including Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and German. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to snap up our great prices and experience our top-class customer service.

Access Live Chat and Maps

As previously mentioned you can do more than just book a ferry with our app. You can also access our live chat service and find directions to all ferry ports. This means wherever you are, you can get in contact with our team and solve any issues you may have, as well as providing you with directions to where you need to be.

You can find the Freightlink App on Google Play and the App Store. Make sure to leave us a review!

26 September 2019

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