A Fleet of Vans & First Trip - Why You Should Book With Freightlink

We know that you are reliant on your ferry bookings running smoothly. Our team are on hand to make sure that you have a seamless journey from start-to-finish, helping to make sure that your freight ferry booking doesn’t hold you up!

John’s Fleet of Vans

John runs a fleet of vans that are continually moving between the UK and the EU. Making sure that his vans are running on time and reach their destination with ease is extremely important in order to keep business moving smoothly and efficiently. Before using Freightlink, John used some other freight ferry booking companies to try to organise the movement of his vans, however he found that the customer experience he received was lacking and making a booking wasn’t always straightforward. Since using Freightlink for his freight ferry bookings John has found our customer service team to be great for handling any queries that he has and enjoys using the Freightlink App to make his bookings. John finds the Freightlink App to be simple, efficient and effective, helping him to stay organised and make sure that all of his vans are able to get to their destination with ease.

“I’ve used several different companies before Freightlink, the rest don’t even come close.”

Andreas’s First Trip

Andreas was a new customer of Freightlink and needed to book a freight ferry. When Andreas discovered Freightlink he decided to make a freight ferry booking and was pleasantly surprised with how simple it was for him to organise his booking in line with his requirements. He commended Freightlink on our excellent performance.

“Great experience used the platform first time and on my single trip twice, excellent performance.”

Krzysztof’s First Booking

Krzysztof wasn’t sure about making a freight ferry booking with Freightlink initially, after taking the plunge and making his first booking with us he was extremely happy with how simple the entire process was and was incredibly pleased with the customer service that he received during the booking too. After his first booking went seamlessly, Krzysztof booked another freight ferry with us and was, again, really pleased at how smoothly the booking process went.

“I’m very happy to use Freightlink, I’ve used them twice up to now and both was without any issues.”

We always strive to deliver the best possible experience when you book your freight ferry with us! Check out more of our reviews on our Dashboard!

27 July 2021

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