Guide to Securing Cargo in Winter

A Guide to Securing Cargo in Winter

There's so much to think about in Winter, rushing around to buy Christmas presents, making sure you remember to grab a bargain on Black Friday, buying mountains of food and taking that annual trip up into the attic to drag your decorations down. We want to remind you of something you may have forgotten amidst all of the chaos, taking additional precautionary measures to secure your vehicle and cargo.

We all know to expect the unexpected with Winter weather so taking that extra step to prepare your vehicle and cargo for sailing is vital. Here is a quick reminder of the best methods for securing cargo in Winter!

Provide the correct weight

It is incredibly important that the correct weight of all cargo is given to the ferry operator when making a booking. The operator will determine how to best position your vehicle and cargo in the ferry using this information to balance the ship and prevent any issues.

Is the cargo inside the truck/trailer secure?

Maintaining a safe weight distribution is important both for the road and for freight that is being transported on a ferry. Make sure that you think about the centre of gravity. It is crucial that your load is stable.

Making sure that suitable lashing points are fitted is also extremely important as it helps to ensure that the load will not move, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.

Check your brakes

It is your responsibility to make sure that the brakes on the unit or trailer are in perfect working order. This is incredibly important as it will mean that the vehicle is as stable as possible whilst being shipped. Should the weather change during the journey the brakes will minimise the risk of damage and accidents, which could harm both passengers and crew members.

For more information, check out our Securing Vehicles & Cargo on Ferries Guide. It also features specific operator rules for securing loads.

We want you to stay safe during Autumn and Winter. How else do you secure your cargo? Get in touch via social media to let us know

20 October 2021

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