Heysham Port Update - Special Rent Charges

As you will be aware the volume of trailers passing through the Ro-Ro Terminal at Heysham has increased significantly in recent times. This volume uplift is expected to continue as trading routes start to settle again after Brexit and the easing of COVID lockdown. The increased traffic volumes are causing significant congestion within the Terminal and, therefore, in order to ensure that the Terminal remains able to operate efficiently, we are making an amendment to the Schedule of Special Rent Charges (section 3.1 of the Heysham Harbour Port Charges booklet).

With effect from the 10th May 2021, the rent-free period for unaccompanied units discharged from a vessel will be reduced, and these units will be permitted to remain at the Terminal free of Special Rent Charges for 4 days including the day of discharge. Thereafter, the following Special Rent Charges will apply (calculated per day or part thereof without exception) until the unit is removed from the Terminal:

Unit Type rent days 5 to 11 rent day 12 onwards
Up to and including 7m length £10.78 per unit/day £16.18 per unit/day
Exceeding 7m length £16.18 per unit/day £32.33 per unit/day
Cars or Vans Rate upon application Rate upon application

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions for Handling Ro-Ro Traffic, we reserve the right—on giving seven days’ prior notice—to remove goods to a longer term storage area within the Terminal, with all costs incurred by us in doing so being paid by the relevant unit or cargo owner. The foregoing is without prejudice to our rights of sale and disposal under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. Please refer to section 17 of our Terms and Conditions for Handling Ro-Ro Traffic for further information.

Peel Ports Group

26 April 2021

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