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Highways England Update - Changes to Arrangements for Hauliers Using Port of Dover and Eurotunnel Freight

Hauliers wishing to use the Kent ports – Port of Dover and Eurotunnel – to cross the channel into France are advised to be aware of new arrangements which will be in place from 4am on Sunday 21 March.

Following the decision to suspend operations at Manston Airport next weekend, all HGVs will be required to join Operation Brock at junction 8 of the M20.

Manston Airport, which has been acting as a facility for Covid testing and haulier border readiness checks for Port of Dover freight, will suspend operations from 4am on Sunday 21 March. All Port of Dover HGVs attempting to access Manston or Port of Dover after this time will be turned away and directed to join Operation Brock at junction 8 of the coastbound M20.

From 4am on Sunday 21 March, all port bound freight using the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel must use the Operation Brock M20 lorry holding area. Eurotunnel freight should join the queue in lane 1, with Port of Dover hauliers joining the queue in lane 4. The green/jet/fast lanes will no longer be in operation.

All drivers should obtain negative Covid test certificates and a Kent Access Pass before entering Kent. HGVs will be released as space at the ports becomes available. Any hauliers without a valid Kent Access Pass or a negative Covid certificate will be directed to Sevington Inland Border Facility after leaving Operation Brock.

All hauliers – regardless of which port they are using – are encouraged to get Covid tested before entering Kent, have a valid Kent Access Pass and make sure any goods they’re carrying are ‘border ready’ before entering Kent. Having these in place will ensure a smooth journey to their port of departure.

The coastbound M20 will be closed between junction 7 and 9 from 9pm on Saturday 20 March until 4am on Sunday 21 March to make the changes.

operation brock

The moveable concrete barrier on the M20 will stay in place and arrangements for local freight and other traffic remain unaffected. The contraflow allows traffic to continue travelling in both directions on the motorway at the same time as port bound HGVs are held on the coastbound carriageway until they can travel through to the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel.

About Operation Brock

When Operation Brock is in force it is a legal requirement to use the signed routes only for HGV journeys to Port of Dover and Eurotunnel.

Failure to comply with instructions may result in fines and further delays.

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11 March 2021

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