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Introducing Dublin SafePort - What You Need to Know

If you regularly transport goods across the Irish Sea, then you will likely be no stranger to Dublin Port.

As the largest freight and passenger port on the Irish Sea, Dublin Port sees around ⅔ of all Irish Sea traffic.

Recently, the port has introduced a new safety initiative. Created with the goal of enhancing the port's culture of safety for all workers at the port, the Dublin Safeport initiative is set to revamp the port's safety procedures.

Today, we’re discussing everything you need to know about the new Dublin SafePort awareness campaigns.

Let’s get started!

When was Dublin SafePort launched?

The SafePort initiative will see the introduction of several ongoing safety awareness campaigns.

The first, kick-started on the 27th of July 2022, will promote road safety. DPC teams will talk through proper driving and safety etiquette, as well as some large-scale road network changes that have recently been made to Dublin Port's internal road network.

How will SafePort change Dublin Port?

Recently, Dublin Port initiated their first port-wide campaign to promote an enhanced safety culture for port workers, with several more to come.

Brought on by a collaboration between Dublin Port Company and seven terminal operators - including Dublin Ferryport Terminals, Doyle Shipping Group, Irish Ferries, P&O Ferries, Peel Ports Group (MTL), Seatruck Ferries and Stena Line - the initiative will transform Dublin Port into a safer port for everyone, whether they work at the port or are just passing through.

Multiple safety campaigns and training events will occur port-wide in order to promote this culture of safety.

Why have these changes been made?

According to their official statement:

“The purpose of Dublin SafePort is to ensure Dublin Port is a safe port for all who work and visit. A port-wide safety culture is essential in a port as busy as Dublin.”

With more than 7,200 ship arrivals, 82,000 trade vehicles and 845,000 passengers in 2021 alone, it’s no wonder that port officials have created a more streamlined safety procedure.

Sticking to the proper safety protocols doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right procedures in place, it’s easy.

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08 August 2022

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