Heysham port expansion

New Link-Span Bridge at Heysham Port to Increase Throughput

A new link-span bridge installed at the Port of Heysham last week is set to increase throughput at the port to service the growing Irish Sea trade.

heysham link-spanHeysham port now has three modern ro-ro ferry ramps. The rampswere constructed in the Netherlands and are around 100 metres long to deal with the large rise and fall in tide that affects the port.

In 2016, Port Director, David Huck previously said

"This is a transformational time for Heysham port. We’ve already been working with local partners to maximise the benefits of the Bay Gateway link road project to the community. Now our major investment to increase capacity and flexibility will further strengthen the port’s role as a logistics hub for the region, particularly for services to Ireland and the Isle of Man. We’ve also built in an element of future-proofing, giving us the ability to accommodate projected volumes for many years to come."

The installation of the new link-span comes from the success of the Bay Gateway link road that was opened last year.

Do you regularly use Heysham port? What difference has the new linkspan made? Let us know

23 March 2018

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