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NI-GB Exports : Export Declarations and the Goods Vehicle Movement Service

This message is to update both Hauliers and Declarants on the NI-GB Export changes from 16 May 2021 and how this will affect you.

In previous communications the government has confirmed that Northern Ireland businesses will continue to have unfettered access to the whole of the UK market. There is no requirement for Export Declarations for almost all Traders moving qualifying goods (goods that are in free circulation in Northern Ireland) directly from Northern Ireland to Great Britain.

There are some very limited exceptions where Export Declarations will be required for goods moving directly from Northern Ireland to Great Britain (declared into the Customs Declaration Service from 16 May 2021). These are; if the goods are under a Customs Special Procedure in Northern Ireland, in an authorised temporary storage facility, or on a list of goods for which specific processes apply based on specific international obligations.

HMRC - GB Delivery Directorate, Borders & Trade Group

More information available in the following communication - NI-GB Exports GVMS – Haulier Comms

12 May 2021

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