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UPDATE 07/04/2020 09.35

North Sea and Irish Sea Single Occupancy Cabins and Free Lunches

We’ve had many questions from you concerning our routes and if we are still operating. Therefore, we wanted to write to you today to assure you that all of our operations remain fully functional.

We’re continuing to do everything we can to minimise the risks of Coronavirus spreading on board our ships, and to work closely with Public Health England and maritime experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) to follow best practice on COVID-19.

Here are some of the measures we’ve put in place on our overnight routes – Hull – Europoort, Hull – Zeebrugge, and Liverpool – Dublin - to ensure the safety of our drivers and crew:

  • Single cabin occupancy – every driver on our overnight services is guaranteed a cabin that they will not be sharing with anyone else. Not only will this allow them to take their legal rest in undisturbed privacy, but will also keep them at safe distance from anyone else.

For extra comfort, on our Hull – Zeebrugge and Hull - Europoort routes, we offer a free Club cabin upgrade to our freight drivers. Club cabins offer the best of everything, with a guaranteed sea view, extra space, and a quiet location. Every Club cabin includes a flat screen TV and an en suite with complimentary toiletries, plus drivers will be able to stay refreshed with the stocked minibar and tea and coffee facilities.

  • Packed lunch on us - drivers sailing with us on our Liverpool – Dublin, Hull – Europoort, or Hull – Zeebrugge routes will be able to enjoy a complimentary healthy lunch pack that they can take with them on their onward journey. The package will contain:
  1. A sandwich of their choice: Roast Beef & Onion sandwich, Cheese, Ham & Tomato sandwich or Cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread
  2. A piece of fruit
  3. 3-biscuit pack and
  4. A bottle of water

(All orders for our overnight routes will have to be made the night before.)

  • Intensive cleaning protocols – Though Coronavirus (COVID-19) is new, our infectious disease management procedures are very well established, have a proven track record, and comply with all UK and European legal standards. In addition to our routine control measures, we are working with health and transport agencies within the UK and Europe, to ensure your drivers’ safety is given the utmost priority.

UPDATE 02/04/2020 16.47

To play our part in maintaining a resilient supply chain in these challenging times, we have revised our schedule for Zeebrugge – Hull – Zeebrugge Ropax vessel. The new timetable will commence on Monday 6th April until further notice. Please note the schedule for our Zeebrugge – Hull – Zeebrugge lift unit only service remains unchanged.

Pride of Bruges

Sailing schedule – all times are local

Please note the Hull- Zeebrugge sailing on Saturday 4th April has been reinstated for this week only.

The Zeebrugge-Hull sailing on Saturday 4th April has been cancelled.

UPDATE 02/04/2020 11.52

At P&O Freight, we’re doing everything we can to ensure freight drivers’ safety.

With this in mind, we’ve introduced a new takeaway food service for our freight drivers across our fleet, so they have a packed lunch to take with them on their onward journey. This reduces the need for drivers to stop and purchase food en route, limiting their contact with other people.

What do we offer?

On our Dover - Calais and Larne - Cairnryan routes, our chefs are delighted to be able to offer a healthy lunch pack that costs just £3.99. The meal deal includes:

  • A baguette or sandwich, freshly prepared with all the nutritional benefits a driver needs to keep them going while on the road
  • A packet of crisps
  • A piece of fruit or a chocolate bar and
  • A drink

Alternatively, if your drivers are sailing with us on our Liverpool – Dublin; Hull – Europoort or Hull – Zeebrugge routes, they will be able to enjoy this offer as part of our standard complimentary food offering on board, which means they won’t be charged an additional fee and can take away their lunch for free. The package will contain:

  • A sandwich of their choice – the menu will include Roast Beef & Onion sandwich, Cheese, Ham & Tomato sandwich or Cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread
  • A piece of fruit
  • 3-biscuit pack and
  • A bottle of water

(All orders for our overnight routes will have to be made the night before.)

This is just a small way to say ‘Thank-you’ to all freight drivers for everything they do to maintain the flow of goods between Europe, Britain and Ireland in these unprecedented times.

UPDATE 01/04/2020 15.07

To play our part in maintaining a resilient supply chain in these challenging times, we will further revise our Larne Cairnryan timetable to meet customer demand.

Effective from Saturday 4 April 2020 until further notice:

P&O ferries larne cairnryan schedule 04/04/2020

UPDATE 31/03/2020 11.56

We have had reports of freight driver anti-social, verbally abusive and drunk behaviour on all our ships (Zeebrugge Hull / Europoort Hull routes). This cannot be tolerated and we politely request that you ask your drivers to adhere to our Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with result in the immediate banning of your driver from travelling on any P&O Ferries route.

  • respect the 2 metre social distancing policy
  • be alcohol aware and consume drink sensibly
  • respect our staff and be polite and courteous

UPDATE 30/03/2020 10.47

We wish to inform you that as from Saturday 4th April, both our Saturday sailings Europoort - Hull – Europoort will be cancelled until further notice.

UPDATE 25/03/2020 17.00

To reduce the risk of infections due to the Coronavirus, we are currently unable to accept paperwork, such as release notes, at our Gatehouses in all ports with immediate effect.

All paperwork must be contained within the unit booked for shipment.

UPDATE 24/03/2020 15.48

We are doing everything we can to maintain our high level of operational capability, and we commit to keeping you informed as the situation evolves. As we all strive to tackle this evolving situation together, P&O will continue to support your business. Currently, all our freight routes are open and we have capacity to meet all demand. We accept ALL freight units as usual and if you have any questions or concerns – we are here for you.

UPDATE 24/03/2020 08.35

Due to increased demand for unaccompanied traffic, from 23rd March 2020 until further notice our Larne – Cairnryan route will be running on a revised schedule.

View Revised Larne - Cairnryan Sailing Schedule

UPDATE 23/03/2020 16.02

Please note that the Teesport-Europoort service will permanently move from the Riverside terminal in Teesport to the main terminal.

Teesport to Europoort sailings will continue to operate at the Riverside terminal for Tuesday 24th March and Thursday 26th March sailings, with the first Wilhelmine ship call at the main terminal at 0600hrs Sunday 29th March.

Would all customers please begin delivering export units to the main terminal from 0600hrs Friday 27th March.

PD Ports will keep the Riverside terminal open for collections until 1400hrs on Wednesday 1st April 2020, and any units remaining at that time will then be shunted to the main terminal for collection.

UPDATE 19/03/2020 16.09

We wish to inform you that as from Saturday 21st March, we will cancel our Saturday Hull to Zeebrugge and Zeebrugge to Hull sailings until further notice. This is due to the current need to switch our vessels to freight only mode carrying unaccompanied units and freight self drive vehicles only.

Please note we are able to offer space on our Zeebrugge-Tilbury and Zeebrugge -Teesport routes.

UPDATE 19/03/2020 11.19


Due to increased unaccompanied demand, we have revised our Larne Cairnryan timetable and will operate the following amended sailing schedule until further notice. Effective from Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice.

UPDATE 18/03/2020 12.40

Please be advised that we continue to operate our daily services for self-drive business between Hull-Europoort and Hull-Zeebrugge.

We now guarantee single berth cabins on both routes, and have the capacity to meet your demand.

All cabins, and living areas on-board our ships are hygienically cleaned, we are operating fresh air ventilation systems, and all food meets the highest hygiene standards.

P&O Ferries will take care of your drivers.

UPDATE 17/03/2020 11.00

P&O will no longer be taking any drivers on their 0300 sailing ex Liverpool and 1500 ex Dublin with immediate effect until further notice.

UPDATE 17/03/2020 12.30

To avoid any doubts we would like to confirm that our Freight routes are fully operational and will continue until any further notice:

  • Calais – Dover – all traffic
  • Zeebrugge – Tilbury – unaccompanied traffic only
  • Zeebrugge – Hull – single cabin occupancy offered to all freight drivers
  • Zeebrugge – Teesport – unaccompanied traffic only
  • Europoort – Hull – single cabin occupancy offer to all freight drivers
  • Europoort – Teesport – unaccompanied traffic only
  • Liverpool – Dublin – all traffic and freight drivers are offered single cabin occupancy
  • Larne – Cairnryan – all traffic

Though Coronavirus (COVID-19) is new, P&O Ferries' infectious disease management procedures are very well established, have a proven track record and comply with all UK and European legal standards. In addition to our routine control measures, we are working with health and transport agencies within the UK and Europe, to ensure your safety is given the utmost priority.

We are open for your freight business and we take care of your freight drivers. We have the capacity to meet any freight demand, and we offer your freight drivers great rest and recreation, hot showers, nice food and plenty of space to stretch their legs and have a relaxing break.

Fresh Air

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus onboard we’ve changed the way we ventilate our ships and have switched from air conditioning to 100% fresh air.


Hygiene is one of the most important safeguards against ill health. In addition to approved cleaning procedures, all of our sanitising and disinfecting chemicals meet European standards.


Fresh linens are one of life’s little luxuries, but being visibly clean is not enough! All of our linens, towels, uniforms and the like are washed by specialist laundry service providers, who guarantee that they are thoroughly disinfected.


Preventing the spread of ill health is as important as patient care. For this reason, we only use approved cabin cleaning procedures, by trained crew wearing sanitary ‘scrubs’, as worn by doctors and nurses. This means your cabin is not just clean, but hygienically disinfected. Also, on our overnight routes, we offer single occupancy cabins for our freight drivers (where possible), minimising close contact, which is an important disease prevention measure.

Hand Hygiene Stations

Hand wash facilities are available in all public toilets, which are located around the ship, and in close proximity to restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

For your convenience, we also offer, free to use ’hand hygiene stations’ at various locations around our ships. These ‘stations’ dispense a ‘hygiene gel’ that is proven to be effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses.


All our food is provided by suppliers that have been subject to independent assessment to ensure they meet the highest hygiene and safety standards. In addition, all our food handling crew receive formal, independently accredited food safety training, as well as regular training updates and knowledge assessments. All P&O Ferries vessels are independently inspected by the UK and European food safety inspectors and all possess the maximum 5 stars under the UK food hygiene rating scheme.

Thank you for your continued trust in P&O Ferries, and we look forward to welcoming you on board.

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07 April 2020

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